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i'm very obsessed with tankmen help

Posted by xEmoGurl666x - 1 month ago

this is like my 9000th time watching it-


I'm just as obsessed with tankmen too lol. It's very rewatchable and very entertaining. I swear no matter how many times I rewatch tankmen 1 I always laugh at the stupid Titanic disc joke lmao

Same here XD i always laugh at that part too, but for real i would love to see more tankmen episodes...but that most likely is not gonna happen but it would be a dream come true lol

@xEmoGurl666x That would be nice. If only we got that episode where Ted most likely meets Skittles. It would've been nice to see more of Ted and Skittles and how they would've interacted together

Ikr when i heard that audio on twitter i think last year? i was like OMG WE ARE GETTING NEW TANKMEN and i was disappointed when i found out it's not gonna get finished but i would love to see another tankmen infinity it's fanmade but holy crap it was funny as hell

@xEmoGurl666x I really hope someone makes another Tankmen Infinity style tankmen animation. Lots of the other tankmen animations nowadays are pretty watered down and don't do the original series justice in my opinion. I think I remember hearing somewhere that Jeff considered letting someone else animate the tankmen episodes he never finished but it's been a while and I don't think that's gonna happen anytime soon. I really do hope he does consider making at least that episode with Ted and Skittles, it would be nice to see their personalities a bit more

YES THANK YOU!!! i was waiting for somebody to say the same thing holy crap, your freakin right fan animations are good and all but it's all fnf yknow? i need some og tankmen content like badly XD i'm starvin for new tankmen content LOL

@xEmoGurl666x Finally someone that really knows their stuff about Tankmen! Most tankmen fan animations are good and they're usually animated very well, but most of the time it has something to do with FnF or Captain and Steve being in love with each other or something like that. Now I love FnF to death and I don't care who ships who but like, if you're gonna make a Tankmen animation, at least try to be faithful to the characters and add a bit of that good ol' NG humor. It's not Tankmen without cock jokes!

YES always gotta add the cock jokes, but tbh i'm not really a big fnf fan most people are gonna kill me but i don't like those ships...it kinda creeps me out...maybe because i was a og newgrounds fan XD

@xEmoGurl666x Yeah seriously, some people are so weird with shipping. I remember the early days of FnF where there were just the first three weeks and when Pico was recently added. I remember thinking to myself "Man, a bunch of teenage girls are gonna ship these two right away huh?" boy how right I was. You're totally a real og Newgrounds fan, you really know your stuff with these characters

oh lord i remember those days i was like "yep..i hear the shippers/fangirls" i used to have a crush for pico last year XD....but now i simp for captain-

@xEmoGurl666x I don't blame you who doesn't simp for Captain?

true...o_o idk why i like him he's just cute af XD

@xEmoGurl666x He really kind of is tho. I love the way he talks too, most of the time everything he says is in just one sentence with occasional short pauses. There is one line that always gets me

"My gun is... JAMMED!"

One line that gets me is the one where he says "Thanks Steve, i feel handsome...today!" that one always makes me laugh and blush tbh XD

@xEmoGurl666x That line also makes me laugh lol. It's like he forgot what Steve had just said and he needed to process it mid sentence lmao

LOL something about him is so darn cute like his laugh and his snarky/cocky attitude *no pun intended* his personality is just so lovable, and plus he's hot XD

@xEmoGurl666x I couldn't agree more, that cocky attitude of his is what makes him so gosh dang lovable

he is the best tankmen character, i'm sorry XD i mean steve, ted and "krystal" is cool *krystal is a made up name i gave to tankwoman in tankmen infinity*

@xEmoGurl666x Ooh Krystal is a very nice name. I actually thought of a name for her too! I like to think that her name would be "Susan". I also like to think that Captain would call her "Susie" just to annoy her lol

omg he would do that XD also i made up more names for the tankmen infinity characters like that one sniper with the round goggles i named him "Miles" and the one dude with the big chin dude i named the one with the rectangle goggles "Lieutenant Carl" and i named the big chin dude "Sergeant Mark" kinda odd names but i feel like it fits them LOL

@xEmoGurl666x I came up with a few names for those characters too! The only one I couldn't think of a name for is the one with the square goggles or "Lieutenant" I guess.
Here's the names I thought of for them:

Round goggles sniper: "Lenny"

Big chin: "Lieutenant Jim" (I made him lieutenant since the star symbol on his shoulder looks a bit like the Lieutenant Colonel symbol)

And for square goggles I'm having a bit of a hard time thinking of a name for him (though I really like the name Carl) because I want a name that's kinda generic sounding but also what I think best fits his personality. I like to think that he'd be the smart, scientist, computer tech guy and he'd be the brain to "Jim's" brawn

ooooh i like those names! and yes i totally see "carl" with that type personality i have a funny ass headcannon that him and "mark" are best friends like they could commit arson to a pizza hut- XD

Same with madness